2-3 Years from Now...

Think about what you were doing in October of 2019

If you were working on your health on a daily basis, you’re probably reaping the benefits of that right now

If you started a business, you’re probably earning extra income that you hadn’t been if you procrastinated starting

If you invested in cryptocurrency, you’re probably sitting on a few extra thousand dollars in your portfolio

Some of these actions require a lot out of you

Some of them require just the push of a button…

Regardless, you did SOMETHING that you couldn’t see long term benefits from

You didn’t see results from it in the moment

Yet, here we are in 2021 and you’re in a better position in life because you took that action.

If you regret how you spent your time in October 2019, take it as a lesson..

A lesson that what you’re doing right now will lead to your happiness or disappointment with yourself in October of 2023

You won’t see any results from throwing a few dollars in cyrpto

Or going to hit arms today at the gym

2-3 years from now it’ll make sense & come together.