3 Tips To Get More Done


Everyone is looking for that 'edge' to get ahead.

With all of the distractions in the world, it's more important now than ever to audit your time. 

If you check your bank account every day, or at the very least several times a week, then why not spend that same energy on watching how you spend your time?

There's three unconventional ways to get more done.

1) Use the 'Power List' 

Instead of having a to-do list with 30 items on it, condense it down into 5 simple tasks that you can realistically get done.

Do that every single day, seven days a week.

This idea comes from Andy Frisella, CEO of 1stPhorm.

Even if its a Saturday or Sunday, you can still put 5 simple tasks on your list to get done when you have 45 minutes of quiet time. (Email x about this project, post on social media, gather a list of 5 prospects to call on Monday, write 250 words of a chapter of the book you're working on)

Those don't sound like much, but stack them up over the course of 30 days and see how much you get done.

2) Use the big 'M-O'

Use momentum to your advantage.

Most youtube videos and blog posts will tell you to do the hard thing first. "Swallow the Frog" as some people like to say.

Start small then build-up to the big things. You might be surprised at how easy it is to focus on the hard stuff once you've knocked out your easy tasks.

This can also help you build up a fast-paced workflow that leads to you finishing your power list much quicker.

3) Utilize Weekends

Having good work-life balance does not mean that you necessarily need to work Monday through Friday, then do completely nothing on the weekends.

Take some time on the weekends to organize, knock out simple tasks and do some 'house cleaning' within your business.

You'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel when you close your laptop and go on about your Saturday/Sunday knowing that you're already ahead on next week's work.