5 Ways to Get in 10,000 Steps a Day with a Busy Schedule

WHY 10K?

We’ve all heard of the concept of getting in your 10,000 steps a day. It sounds good (and it feels even better), but why?

The concept came from a study done from a Japanese Company (Yamasa Corporation) that was developing a campaign for their new step-tracker. The pedometer’s brand name - Manpo-Kei which means “10,000 step meter” had a wildly successful marketing campaign. So successful that the 10,000 a day concept made its way to the US.

Turns out our 10,000 step obsession is more about marketing than it is about science.

Although 10,000 isn’t scientifically the magic number that you need to get in every day, the more steps you get in per day, the more health benefits you’ll experience.


Find a number around the 7,000 mark that works for you lifestyle that you can be consistent with. Over here we believe that something is better than nothing, and consistency trumps all.

Here are ways you can get your steps in with a busy schedule

1. Walk with Loved Ones

Instead of catching up on your day with your significant other, children or roommate by sitting around the TV, make it a ritual to go on a daily walk while talking about your day. This makes getting in your steps an opportunity to connect with the people you care about while getting in your daily steps. 

Don’t they call that killing two birds with one stone?

2. Walk with Fury Friends

While you’re taking your dog out to take care of business, make it a habit to get in your steps with them while you’re at it. You’ll love yourself for getting your steps in and they’ll love you for the new sights & smells. This is another strategy to incpororate where you don’t really need to change much about your already existing lifestyle, except carving out the time.

3. Brainstorm

This is especially useful if you’re in business or work in a creative field.

Movement stimulates the mind much better than sitting in front of a white board. Some of your best ideas will come during a walk, on the treadmill or in the middle of a workout, especially if you allow yourself to listen to a podcast that gets your creative juices flowing or allow yourself to enjoy the activity in silence so ideas can come up.

Replace the time spent in front of a screen or notebook with what we call a ‘brain storm walk’.


Walking improves mental clarity & focus, gives you a boost of serotonin by being exposed to natural sunlight upon first waking up, and leads to you feeling more energetic throughout the day.

Being exposed to direct sunlight upon waking up has also been correlated with sleeping better at night.

You’ll go into the day feeling much more alert, refreshed and ready to attack your to-do list.

5. Lunch Breaks & Meetings

Use your lunch break & other breaks during the day to get your steps in if the weather and your work attire permit. You can also go on walks during business phone calls & one on one meetings instead of taking them in the office.

Bonus tip: Pitch your company on purchasing a treadmill or two as way to provide a healthy outlet for employees, increase productivity and the ability to get more done. Not only does it sound good for your case but it is 100% backed up by science.

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