Don't Let Your Younger Self Down

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Don't let your younger self down.

When we think about our 'younger self' we may think of ourselves at 16 or 17 years old which leads us to believe that its 'too late'.

Who you were yesterday counts as your younger self.

That crazy thought or idea that you came up with last month, counts as a dream that your 'younger self' had. Its never too late.

The 'I should start tracking my calories, and hitting the gym one extra day a week' thought that you had last week counts as your younger self having a dream. Its never too late.

The desires you had last year of moving to a new city, although it would shake up your outside world, counts as a dream that your younger self had. Its never too late.

We can't promise you that the results will be amazing, but we can promise that the regret won't be there.