First Cold Plunge Experience

7 and a half minutes...

That's how long I spent in my first cold plunge

And it was probably the hardest thing mentally I've ever done

I'm no stranger to cold exposure

I've done cryotherapy more times than I can count on my hands

I take cold showers every day.

So I decided to challenge myself by hopping in the sauna before I got in

Bad decision.

I was met with 48 degree water which sent my body into shock

That might have been the first time I ever experienced that..

I intended to stay in for 5 minutes, but I tapped out after a minute and a half

After a quick facetime call with my girlfriend about how difficult it was, I found myself not being able to walk away from doing something I knew I could do...

So I hopped back in and stayed for 5 more minutes

Hands numb

Feet numb

I could feel the cold in my bones

But I made it through.

Why would I get back in and put myself through that hell again?

Why couldn't I just walk away and let myself off the first time?

You know the answer...

Its one word and it starts with a G.

Reply if you know what it is.

- DJ