Get in the Game

Intimidating tasks are usually more intimidating before you get into the game.

Don't overthink how much you would need to run to lose weight, just start walking

If all you're used to doing is walking, just run for 10 minutes

If you want to bench 315 but can only do 135 right now, add 10 more pounds

You might find that walking actually isn't that challenging for you

Or that once you catch your stride running for 10 minutes, then 15 minutes doesn't seem so bad

You'll find that once you've benched 145 for a few days, 155 seems more attainable.

As you do this, you'll find yourself stacking more time, miles and weight on the bar every single week, month and year

You'll wake up a year from now doing the very thing that you never thought was possible before.

It just seemed hard before you got into the game.

Stack small wins.