Get More Done in Less Time


As a busy, ambitious person in the modern age, we're all trying to answer the same question; how am I supposed to get all of this stuff done? 

Long story short, its about getting more done in less time, but maintaining that same level of quality.

Will you be someone that sets up your life so that you're easily able to get done what needs to be done, or will you make the excuse that you don't have time? If you're reading this then you're likely the former.

Below we'll give you 5 tips for getting more done in less time.

Theme Your Days

Designate each day of the work week to certain tasks. For example, have a day for editing, a day for research, a day for content creation, etc.

Focusing on one type of task for the day will help you get more done quicker and speed up your progress.

Don't Be Too Proud To Take Notes

If you're a busy person, you won't be able to keep up with everything in your head. Trust us, your iphone is your best friend when it comes to project management, jotting down ideas and leaving notes for your future self.

Be shameless about taking notes on ideas and your progress on projects. Not only will it help you keep better track of things and move faster, you'll also sleep better at night.

Block Out

This may be counterintuitive to the article title, but blocking out time at the end of the day for leisure/pleasure can actually help you get more done the next day. 

If you have a day of nonstop work, designate the last 30-60 minutes of your day doing a relaxing task that you enjoy, Netflix reading, scrolling through Tik Tok etc.

By doing this you'll feel more rested the next day, instead of feeling like you took a long nap and picked up where you left off...back to working.

Cut Out Distractions

Those notifications blowing up your phone can wait. Studies show that after getting side tracked form a task ,it takes your brain 23 minutes to regain your previous level of focus. 

So every time you let something distract you, whether its a squirrel or your cell phone, you're setting your self back 20+ minutes.