Hard Work Can Overpower Weaknesses

If you're a sports fan, think about your favorite sport.
Now think about some of the top names in that sport and how they were naturally talented.
Now narrow down that list to the naturally talented/athletic people that wasted their potential.

Especially if you're a basketball or football fan, you're all too familiar with the naturally athletic & gifted people that make it to the league, but become a fraction of what they were supposed to be.

Sometimes its due to drug addition
Sometimes its because they enjoy partying too much
Sometimes its because they have bad attitudes
But 9.9 out of 10 times, their natural talent goes wasted because they're simply lazy.
Don't be someone that does that in life. Harness your full potential, work your tail off, and don't become a has-been that everyone had high expectations for, but ended up falling short due to your lack of effort.