The Difference Between Good & Bad Workouts

Yesterday I put out a message about mastering the mundane

Just that word itself, 'Mundane', is painful isn't it?

Here's how you still enjoy it...


I don't mean talking to yourself out loud and disturbing those around you (and your reputation)

I'm talking about the savage self-talk that happens in your head

When you're training legs for the 70th time this year, are you saying "ugh, I don't feel like doing legs today" 

or are you saying...

"I don't feel like doing legs today, so I'm gonna have the best leg day of my life...because if I can kill legs when I don't feel like it, imagine how much I'll kill it on the days I feel motivated?"

When you're mid-set and you start to get bored...

Are you saying to yourself "Gosh I can't wait to get out of here"

or are you saying "I'm gonna give this set my all, because I'm a person who gives my all in everything I do, no matter how I feel"

Instead of walking into the gym in a daze, as if its 'just another day', tell yourself...

"I'm about to sculpt the man/woman that'll be an example for my kids one day. Lets go hard"

See the difference?

This makes the difference between you walking out of the gym drained..

or walking out with a natural high that most people don't experience.

- DJ