How to Stay Consistent in Fitness in 2023

1. Set Achievable and Specific Goals

The number one way to stay consistent in fitness is to set specific goals that are within your control. It’s fine to set goals of hitting a lower percentage body fat, or to set scale weight goals, but the best way to ensure that you’ll stay consistent is to set goals that are within your control.

These can include:

How much water you drink 

How many steps you get in

How many grams of protein you consume 

How many times you hit the gym per week

Only eating out once per week

Once you’re consistent with these healthy lifestyle habits and stack them’ll see results that are more sustainable and longer lasting.

2. Create a Regular Workout Schedule That Fits Into Your Lifestyle.

Mornings, evenings, 45 minutes a day, 3 days a week, 6 days a week…doesn’t matter.

Choose what you’ll be consistent with.

The yo-yo results in fitness (losing weight, gaining it all back, burning fat then putting it all back on) is due to lack of consistency and commitment. That means you probably chose a workout schedule or diet that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.

Working with a team that can get you sustainable results by going to the gym 3 days a week for 52 weeks is better than going for 6 days a week for 6 weeks, then taking a few weeks off at a time.

3. Switch Things Up

Monotony is a part of fitness. In order to see results you have to stick to a workout or nutrition plan for extended periods of time.

However its not a bad idea to switch things up after a few weeks/months.

Even if its incorporating a different training philosophy once a week (CrossFit, running, bodybuilding style training, etc.)

Maybe you start going to yoga once a week

Or if you always hit the treadmill at the end of your workouts, start hitting the stair master or the stationary bike.

Regardless, exploring different types of movements, exercises and training philosophies every now and then can spice things up and reignite your excitement for the gym.