Ignoring Your Feelings

I was listening to a podcast about developing mental toughness

In other words, ignoring your feelings to do what needs to get done

One of the comments said 'all you're doing is making yourself numb'

Clearly this person doesn't know what they're talking about

Its easy to think that from an outside perpsective

But please understand this...

Developing Grit is not about becoming numb and emotionless.

In fact, developing grit does the opposite

It makes you more aware of your emotions and develops your emotional intelligence

People who are numb believe that nothing matters

People with grit believe that everything matters

On top of that, your passion and zest for life increases when you develop mental toughness

You may lose a little bit of empathy towards excuses...

But you become far from numb

Your happiness, inner peace, passion and presence (among other positive trait) increase

Don't be fooled.

- DJ