Imperfect Consistency

Frequency, duration and volume are all important factors 

Its well known that in order to make an intensive training program, all of these things need to be varied

The truth is...

After 14 years of lifting, I don't follow a program really.

I don't lift for my physique

I lift for what it does for my mind

How I feel

My mood

And my overall quality of life

I've made workout plans for people, and I still do

But when people ask me what my split is..they're surprised to be met with my answer

"I don't have one"

Consistency is really what's important

I'd rather you get in 15 minutes of high intensity training consistently

Than training for 90 minutes on days that you feel like it

That imperfect consistency, even if its in small bursts, is what makes fitness a lifestyle.

Its how I'm able to maintain my physique without tracking every rep & set.