One of Your Biggest Obstacles…

One of the biggest articles on your fitness journey is not going to be deciding what to eat

It’s not going to be the struggle of waking up to go to the gym

Those are internal struggles that are certainly a part of the journey that you have to be ready for


Hangup with those struggles is that they get easier and become a part of your lifestyle


One of the struggles that is often not talked about is the struggle of dealing with the opinions of other people

When you have positive momentum in your life in a certain area, you don’t want to stop

For some people, this leads to eating disorders and unhealthy behaviors, but that’s not the vast majority of you reading this

The vast majority of us will gain positive momentum in our health/fitness, or some other other area of life and will want to see how far we can take it and pursue our true potential

Other people won’t be able to understand, is pursued because they have not walked in issues. And if they have tried to walk in your shoes, they did not push to the point where they started to feel and live a better quality of life, which is where you are now.

Some people would judge, and that’s OK

Just be prepared to standby what you believe in and continue to pursue your full potential as long as it gives you fulfillment and it’s coming from a healthy place

If you are surrounded with people who are not on a health journey, a fitness journey, or pursuing their potential in any other area of life, make sure that they are open minded and supportive

That support system is going to fuel you, and if they are not supportive, that deadweight, we just hold you back from getting where you want to be.

Peer pressure doesn’t end in high school.