Progress in Times of Adversity

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There's an old saying: 

You're either in a problem, just got out of one, or one is just around the corner.

If we could all live life on cruise control with no problems to solve, no adversity to overcome, no challenges that we have to get over, I'm sure we would all choose that life..

Whether we're going through a rough breakup, our business is struggling, we're dealing with a health crisis, going through a divorce, struggling financially, or any of the million things that can go wrong...we must continue to progress.

When we're going through any of these things, its easy to eat unhealthy to pacify ourselves, skip workouts, let our side business fall by the wayside

"I'm focusing on what's important right now"..."Once this is over, I'll get back on track with my _________"

You know what's crazy? You're actually right. What you're going through is justifiable enough for you to take time away from what you know you could be doing to get better.

In fact, its probably healthy that you take some time to rejuvenate your mind in soul before you get back into it.

But the reality is that majority of the time we have to become stronger so that we brush off adversity, in fact we welcome it. 

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The problem is when you get to the light at the end of the tunnel, you're not as strong as you could have been if you would have kept doing what you were supposed to do.

If you live anywhere in the world, you know that now more than ever we are in a time of adversity. Don't let the distractions of the world stop you from making progress.