Separation is Made on The Weekends

I've noticed a trend...

Mondays & Tuesdays are the most populated days at the gym

When I do Modern Grit pop ups, I choose those days to setup at gyms

I've been a member, done MG pop ups, and have been a week-long guest pass holder at many gyms

Its an objective fact that gym attendance drops after Monday & Tuesday

Many people are giving up on the momentum right when its getting started

Fitness is a competition to be had with yourself, not other people, But lets entertain the thought for a second...

Imagine how far ahead you are just by investing in your health on the weekends, when most people have dropped the ball by Wednesday.

I'm not saying this for you to compare yourself to other people..

I say this for you to give yourself a little pat on the back.

Most of the message of Modern Grit is about no excuses, never settling and having mental toughness

But you can't forget to give yourself some credit.

Most people are overdrinking, overeating, and not really moving their bodies on the weekends. 

Most gyms are a ghost town on the weekends, with the exception of some big box gyms that I've been to.

Separation is made on the weekends

- DJ