• How to Execute Without Burning Out

    Stop expecting something in return We do everything in life with expectation of something in return We eat healthy food to get energy We worko...
  • Comfort

    There are a lot of opportunities in life that we should sprint towards - in many cases there are too many to choose from. 

    There are a lot of things to run from too. Comfort is one of them.

    Every minute, hour, day, week, and month, comfort creeps on us and seems more appealing...

  • Don't Let Your Younger Self Down

    Who you were yesterday counts as your younger self.

    That crazy thought or idea that you came up with last month, counts as a dream that your 'younger self' had. Its never too late.

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  • You're Built for This

    If you're reading this, you're built for it.

    "It" is different for all of us, but when you read the first sentence of this blog, you know in your mind & heart what "It" is for you.