The Balance Myth

A common misconception about fitness/wellness is that it puts you out of balance

Every calorie you eat consumes your mind

You have to be weary of where you go out to eat because you're paranoid about what you eat

You're carrying around a huge gallon of water into restaurants...

The reality is..

Living the healthy lifestyle does not require these taboo things

We would argue that staying hydrated & being aware of what you're putting into your body isn't 'taboo..

But that's another topic for another day.

A lot of people think that monitoring what you put into your body & finding time for the gym is a lot of work & consumes you

When in reality it doesn't take that much effort.

You're not draining yourself on a physical, mental & emotional level to live this lifestyle

It just takes 5% more physical, mental, and emotional effort than what you're currently living at

And believe it or not, that's enough to keep people away from making changes to their habits

Our brains and bodies are wired to save as much energy as possible

But don't let your physiology misguide you from living the life that you deserve. 

Although you have to exert a little more energy to...

Make sure your water bottle stays full

Sit your clothes next to your bed so getting up to workout is seamless

Or wake up 20 minutes earlier to get in a brisk walk before work

The return on investment is a 500% better quality of life, for investing that 5% of energy.