The Comparison Game

Improving an area of your life is hard has the potential to be a lonely journey. 

For many of you, it probably will be.

But what makes that journey more lonely & difficult is constantly comparing yourself to others.

We live in a world where our biggest competitors are in our pockets on a screen, and every time we open Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube, we're constantly met by people who are doing 'better' than us in areas of life we want to improve in.

This can lead to us undermining our own progress which can lead to quitting.

Here's the caveat...

A certain level of insecurity and having a standard to look up to is healthy. It keeps us hungry, humble and constantly reminding us that there IS a next level that we can reach.

But misdirecting that energy can lead to the exact opposite..

So always know how to play the comparison game. Recognize that a little bit of insecurity and having higher standards is a good thing to keep you hungry, but never let it get to you in a negative way.

Never let that comparison negate your own progress and lead to your own demise.