There's Never a "Right Time"

Its easy to think that you'll start picking up a certain habit

drop a bad habit

or get on that wellness program when the time is 'right'...

This is just mental gymnastics

There's NEVER a right time.

If you're truly serious about change, you have to jump right into whatever it is..

Cutting out/back on alcohol

Dropping a vice

Starting Whole 30

Starting 75 Hard

A lot of people give themselves a pep talk

"I'll start after this wedding"

"I'll start after my summer vacation"

Humans are rationalizers. And we can sell ourselves better than anyone else can

The problem with these rationalizations is that they enable the same mindset & character traits that got us the results that we're not happy with.

There is no time to get your 'mind right' or wait for the perfect time.

You'll be more proud of yourself for jumping right in.

And the confidence, self-esteem boost and momentum will far outweigh the instant gratification that "waiting for the right time" gives you.