What's Your Self Talk Like?

You can have five people on the same fitness program, doing the same exercises and following the same diet

Four of them can be absolutely miserable doing it...

While one is running through everything with no remorse

Every rep

Every workout


One of the most important factors that determines if you're that one, or one of the four, is your self talk...

Our minds will take the steering wheel if we let them

They will take us to a dark, negative place if we just let it do its thing without taking control

And it usually does this when we need it to be its strongest and most positive...

Which is when adversity hits.

Try an exercise and let your self- talk take the wheel

Instead of complaining about waking up early, say "I'm a leader, I go first in everything"

Next time you don't feel like working out, say "Nothing can break me, I won't be someone who doesn't show up to the gym just because I don't feel like it"

Sounds silly, but give it a try.

It'll change your whole experience of life.