• The Comparison Game

    Improving an area of your life is hard has the potential to be a lonely journey. For many of you, it probably will be. But what makes that journey more lonely & difficult is constantly comparing yourself to others...

  • Get More Done in Less Time

      As a busy, ambitious person in the modern age, we're all trying to answer the same question; how am I supposed to get all of this stuff done?  Lo...
  • Modern Grit Ambassador Highlight: Joseph Riser

    A highlight of Modern Grit Ambassador Joseph Riser, a college student who talk about the balance between bodybuilding & prioritizing school. Follow Joseph on his Tik Tok & Instagram @Riserfit
  • Comfort

    There are a lot of opportunities in life that we should sprint towards - in many cases there are too many to choose from. 

    There are a lot of things to run from too. Comfort is one of them.

    Every minute, hour, day, week, and month, comfort creeps on us and seems more appealing...

  • Don't Let Your Younger Self Down

    Who you were yesterday counts as your younger self.

    That crazy thought or idea that you came up with last month, counts as a dream that your 'younger self' had. Its never too late.

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  • You're Built for This

    If you're reading this, you're built for it.

    "It" is different for all of us, but when you read the first sentence of this blog, you know in your mind & heart what "It" is for you.

  • Now Available: Long Sleeve Day One Essential T-Shirts

    Friday October 23rd marked the launch of our Long Sleeve Day One Essential T-Shirt, a long sleeve extension of our Day One Essential Tee built to...
  • Hard Work Can Overpower Weaknesses

    If you're a sports fan, think about your favorite sport. Now think about some of the top names in that sport and how they were naturally talente...
  • 3 Tips To Get More Done

    Everyone is looking for that 'edge' to get ahead. With all of the distractions in the world, it's more important now than ever to audit your time. If you check your bank account every day, or at the very least several times a week, then why not spend that same energy on watching how you spend your time?

  • Modern Grit Promo: Redefining Ambition

    Shot & Edited by: Kyle Duncan Photo Models: Dj Hargrave Joseph Riser Isiah Lundy Location: Top Tier Fitness
  • Progress in Times of Adversity

    There's an old saying: You're either in a problem, just got out of one, or one is just around the corner. If we could all live life on cruise control with no problems to solve, no adversity to overcome, no challenges that we have to get over, I'm sure we would all choose that life..

  • Promo Video: This is Modern Grit

    Official promo video of Modern Grit Apparel